Welcome to the frequently asked questions page. Below you will find the answers to your questions.

When can I expect my order?

The average delivery time is 5-10 working days. During busy periods the delivery time can be a little longer.

Our products are shipped directly from the supplier to you. Because of this unique business model we can save enormously on storage and transport costs and we can offer the products at a lower price than the competitor and take care of the shipping costs ourselves.

The expected delivery time has passed, where is my order?

In 99% of the cases the orders are delivered within the expected delivery time. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that an order is delayed in the delivery process. You can check the status of your order via the following link:


Haven't you received anything 5 days after the expected delivery time? Then please contact us.

I miss some products with my order, how is that possible? 

Because we work with different suppliers, products may be shipped separately from each other. If any items are missing from your order you will usually receive them after 2-3 days.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs of the order will be for your own account. We love our customers very much. 

Where can I find my Track and Trace code?

With us, your order number is equal to your Track and Trace code.

On this page https://techtape.net/pages/track-je-order you can enter your e-mail address and order number to track your package.