Instructions and important points when using the TechTape™

Instructions for the best attachment:

  1. Cut the tape at the desired length. Use a scissors or a sharp knife. Personally we advise to use a sharp knife because there is a chance that the tape will stick to the scissors.
  1. Attach the tape to the desired surface or object that you ar going to mount. Always make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of dust and grease. You can also clean the surface with alcohol or another kind of degreaser. Avoid contact between the sticky side of the tape and your fingers. This will reduce the adhesive strength.

  1. Then firmly press the tape over the entire length and only when it is properly attached you can remove the protective film. Press everything evenly for optimal adhesion.
  1. Stick the object to the surface and apply pressure for at least 5 seconds. With heavier objects we recommend to apply pressure for at least 10 seconds. 

Applicable surfaces:

- Plastic
- Flat tiles
- Glass
- Treated timber (flat)
- Metal
- Stone (flat)
- Concrete
- Wallpaper
- Porcelain 
- Ceramic

Non-applicable surfaces:
- Fragile or poreus plastered wall
- Wett
- Greasy
- Poreus
- Dusty
- Cotton, wool, linen and polyester
- Uneven surfaces
- Fragile wallpaper or paint
- Surfaces with any kind of anti attachment coating

Please keep in mind that the surfaces may have a different structure in your specific situation. Houd er verder rekening mee dat oppervlakken nog steeds verschil in structuur kunnen hebben in uw specifieke situatie. The performance of the tape can therefor always differ with each surface. You can always test a piece to check the adhesive strength and for the removal. The information we provide is based on the best available knowledge and experiences in practice.

Here are a few important tips for using our TechTape™:

  • When in doubt, don't do it
  • More weight? Use more tape!
  • Lots of contact surface (with heavier objects)
  • Dry and clean surface
  • Beware of damp areas (such as bathrooms)
  • Press firmly
  • Remove the tape gently
  • To reuse the tape just rinse with water


When in doubt, don't

Do you doubt the tape can hold the object on the wall? Then don't. We don't want you to risk destroying your stuff.

More weight? Use more tape!

If the object is heavier, you'll have to use more tape. More tape means more contact surface. This will make the object stick better. The tape can hold a maximum weight of approximately 2-4 kg.

Much contact surface (with heavier objects)

With heavier objects it is important to have as much contact surface as possible. Flat objects on a flat wall often work best.

Beware of damp areas (such as bathrooms)

We recommend that you only use the TechTape in rooms where the humidity is not too high. In humid rooms, water vapour will come between the tape and the suspended object. The adhesive strength will then decrease considerably.

Dry and clean surface

There must be no moisture between the wall and the object. This will cause it to lose its adhesive power more quickly. The surface also has to be clean in any circumstance.

Press firmly

It is important to press the tape and the object well. This will make it stick better.

Remove the tape gently

Always remove the tape gently. It is easier to remove the tape when you heat it up with a hair dryer. The tape becomes soft and loses it's strength. If this doesn't help enough, you can also spray al little bit of water from the side with a spray bottle to decrease the strength of the tape.

To reuse the tape just rinse with water

You can reuse the tape after rinsing it with water. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. 

Attention: We are not responsible for any damage, but we find it important to prevent this.

I hope I have given you enough tips on how to use the TechTape™. Have fun with your purchase! :)